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Co. Monaghan, Republic Of Ireland

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Recruitment & Training

The Chartered Accountant Brand

ICAI Members are widely recognised as Ireland’s most prestigious body of professional accountants. The training undertaken to become a CA is unique. A combined programme of theoretical and practical learning and professional training contract ensures that new members are highly qualified to a standard that they adhere to throughout their careers. The international recognition that members enjoy comes from steadfast commitment to the highest possible standards of integrity, professionalism and education. The prestigious ACA/FCA qualification sets you apart from others in your field.

The CA qualification provides you with the opportunity for a diverse and rewarding career. At ICAI you both you and the qualification are supported. That is why ICAI were one of the first accountancy bodies to make Lifelong Learning requirements mandatory for members working with international counterparts to open up opportunities for CA's abroad and why ICAI are offering an increased range of post ACA qualifications for members who wish to hone their skills further.

Clerkin & Co have recently received the ‘Excellence in Training’ award from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ireland (ICAI).

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The award reads as follows:

Excellence in Training awarded to Clerkin & Co. This firm is an authorised firm of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland. The award recognises and commends the firm’s compliance with the ICAI training requirements.

For more details on requirements of a training firm see the ICAI website on http://www.icai.ie/students/stu-trainregs.cfm.

Clerkin & Co provides a wide range of Accountancy, Audit, Tax and Business Consultancy services at a cost effective rate throughout the North East Region.

Further details of these services can be obtained from our website at www.clerkinfinancial.com or by telephoning our office on 047 85700.

We are proud of the students who have trained with Clerkin & Co in recent years. Olga McConnon passed her final exams in 2006 and qualified in December 2006 and
Evelyn Cusack passed her final exams in 2007. Both trainees passed their professional exams set by the Institute of Chartered Accountants at the first sitting of the exams.



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•  Accounts Preparation / Bookkeeping
•  Annual Audit
•  Taxation – Republic Of Ireland, Northern Ireland
•  Revenue Audits
•  Business Start Up & Company Formations
•  Computer Consultancy & Training
•  Capital & Lump Sum Investments
•  General Insurance
•  Life Assurance & Protection Policies & Savings
•  Pensions
•  Grant Applications
•  Mortgages for Development Commercial & Residential
Registered to carry on audit work and authorised to carry on investment business in the Republic of Ireland by Chartered Accountants Ireland
Principal: Laurence Clerkin, B.Comm., M.A. F.C.A., A.I.T.I, Q.F.A.
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