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Life Assurance & Protection Policies

Life assurance protection provides a lump sum that can be used to provide a source of income for your dependents in the event of your death. It can also be used to repay borrowings or to facilitate the purchase of part of a business in the event of the death of a part owner of the business.

Whatever its purpose it provides much needed funds to cater for the financial consequences of the death of the life assured.

Serious illness protection similarly provides a lump sum to provide for the financial consequences of the insured becoming seriously ill. Again the proceeds of such a policy can be invested to provide an income or else could be utilised to carry out modifications to a house to make it suitable for someone with a serious illness. It could also be invested to generate income to look after dependents or else used to repay borrowings.

Permanent health insurance provides an income for the policyholder in the event that they are no longer able to earn their income in the normal way. The benefit at 75% of income, is normally paid out up to normal retirement age and thus provides a much needed source of income in the event of illness until such time as pension income can be drawn. The benefit can be index linked to protect against the ravages of inflation. Benefit normally commences after a minimum of 13 weeks

We can offer Personal Protection Cover so that you or your family will have enough income to live comfortably if you were to become seriously ill, become unable to work through illness or die.

We provide Mortgage Protection Insurance and Mortgage Income Protection Insurance

We can also offer Business Protection Cover in the event of death or serious illness of a major shareholder or key employee. There are protection policies that will cover loss of profits, loan repayment or a share buyout.

We can assist you in determining the level, order of priority and cost of your protection requirements. We can also check to see if you are currently paying too much for your existing level of protection



We can offer advice on the full range of services offered by deposit takers and recommend policies to accumulate regular savings.

Wealth management encompasses savings - regularly putting aside income into deposit type products. It can also mean repaying borrowings that were used to buy long-term productive assets such as investment property. We can assist our clients in determining the optimum saving level having regard to their disposable income.

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