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Retirement is a time for which everyone needs to plan. The level of the State pension at retirement age is unlikely on its own to be sufficient to meet the financial requirements of retirement and so one should commence paying into a personal pension early in one's working life. The sooner one commences the saving the greater chance that there will be a sufficiently large retirement account to provide an adequate income for this important time.

We can offer advice on how best to identify the amount of retirement funds that are likely to be required at normal retirement age and also how to build that fund in a tax-efficient manner.

We can also advise you on the establishment of self-directed retirement accounts that enable the individual to specifically choose the assets in which the retirement funds are invested.

At retirement we can advise you on how to meet your particular needs for income, security, growth and tax efficiency.

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Detailed Pension Calculator

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Employer Retirement Benefit Schemes
Putting in place an employer retirement benefit scheme for all or certain key staff can act as a valuable incentive to existing or prospective staff. The schemes can have built in protection schemes that can provide valuable death-in-service benefits that can help deal with the very difficult financial problems that arise for the dependents of a deceased staff member.

One can also add on permanent health insurance that can also assist staff when they are no longer able to work due to prolonged illness.

We can advise companies and other entities on setting up appropriate retirement benefit schemes for their employees.

We can also assist employers and particularly the directors and senior staff of owner managed businesses to set up small self administered pension funds that give greater individual control to the director or employee in deciding into which assets the pension funds will be invested.

These schemes can be structured so that both the company and the employees can make contributions to their retirement schemes in a tax-efficient manner.

Personal Retirement Savings Schemes – We can advise employers and employees on the set-up and administration of PRSA’s. PRSA.s are also open to people who are not in employment.

AVC’s (Additional Voluntary Contributions)
AVC’s can be made by people already in employer pension schemes to top up their existing entitlements.

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