Capital & Lump Sum Investments

We can offer access to a full range of investment products that are an alternative to direct investment in bank deposits, shares quoted on the stock markets, government and corporate bonds and property.

These type of Investment product are generally referred to as Funds. Some are focused on specific asset classes such as Equities, Property, Gilts and Deposits while others are aiming for a balance of investment spread over different asset classes and these are often referred to as Managed or Balanced. Others are focused on geographic locations e.g. Ireland, Europe, America, Asia and Worldwide Equity.

Some funds accept greater exposure to risk and consequently they have both an opportunity to benefit from higher returns but equally they are exposed to greater risk of losing their investment.

By investing in these products one is seeking to achieve returns significantly in excess of bank deposit rates without having to directly invest in specific assets.

For the small investor it is impossible to spread the investment risk across without utilising the funds route.

Investment in such funds carries risk. The value of funds can fall as well as rise. Your investment in most circumstances is not guaranteed but some funds offers a varied level of protection.

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